SA “A” Tour of United Kingdom 1996

02/11/96TourSouth Africa A57 Cambridge University11
04/11/96 TourSouth Africa A41 Bedford27
08/11/96 TourSouth Africa A19 Scotland A32
12/11/96 TourSouth Africa A25 Ireland A28
16/11/96 TourSouth Africa A49 Oxford University12
20/11/96TourSouth Africa A62 Western Counties20
23/11/96TourSouth Africa A 43 London Counties 17
 27/11/96TourSouth Africa A 29 Northern Counties 13
 01/10/96TourSouth Africa A 62 Midland Counties 7
 04/12/96TourSouth Africa A 40 Bristol 7
 11/12/96TourSouth Africa A 35 England A 20
 14/12/96TourSouth Africa A 42 Wales A 26

  Total Points:504 220
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